Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Cupcake Diaries

I have admired the sisters from the TLC show "DC Cupcakes" since the show premiered in 2010.  They are quirky and say it like it is, but most importantly, they quit their full time, successful jobs to bake cupcakes.  Only something I could hope for in my life time. 

In the book "The Cupcake Diaries" by the sisters, Katherine and Sophie, they explain just what it took to make their lifetime dream of baking cupcakes come true.  They drained their bank accounts, maxed out their personal credit cards and were denied for a business loan by every bank they went to because they did not believe that two women could be successful at baking cupcakes. 

Not that draining my bank account and maxing my credit cards is something I want to do or intend to do, it reminds me that if you believe in something, you do what it takes to make it happen.  Yes you have to have the means to make most dreams happen, but I believe that it is about 95% passion and persistence that makes dreams come true.

I have been to their store, Georgetown Cupcakes, in the heart of Washington DC, and I have tasted their amazing cupcakes. The lines you see on their TV show are for real and I believe it doesn't have anything to do with them being on TV. When they opened their store on Valentines Day of 2008, they sold out of the 500 cupcakes they had thought would be their full day stock in the first two hours. Two years later, the show came about.

The 255 page, enhanced ipad version of this book contained several of the sister's signature recipes including their Red Velvet with Vanilla Cream Cheese frosting and some old family recipes that are not cupcake related.  They gave great tips on how to make cupcakes perfect and the science behind it.

I also love that through their success they have managed to do so much for others.  One being Operation Cupcake where the sisters sent 10,000 cupcakes to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I loved this book so much that I intend on reviewing each one of their cupcake recipes, posting the recipe and result after each attempt.

Keeping the inspiration alive until next time!

Lacey Cakes