Thursday, April 26, 2012


I have been a bit M.I.A. lately, but have a TON to share with all of you!  I had an unexpected visit from my hubby for two weeks!!!  He got to come home from Afghanistan for a conference that we weren't sure he would be able to attend or not.  It was wonderful to see him and break up the long 7 1/2 month deployment.  I have been a busy bee the past month and am changing my focus a little bit.  I love baking, but the thing I have realized I love even more is the decorating.  Since CA has yet to pass a Cottage Food Law that would legalize home baking, I have decided that until then, or until I can rent a commercial kitchen, I will use this time to develop my flavor list and do some experimenting and focus more on my fondant cupcake toppers.  With the exception of St. Patrick's Day, where I used my go to Irish Car Bomb cupcake recipe, most of my cupcakes that I have been making for family and friends have included custom cupcake toppers.  These tiny things are super time consuming and include quite a bit of detail, but that is what I love about making them.  I could spend hours coming up with unique ideas to make a cupcake topper out of :)

I have been developing ideas for my daughters 3rd birthday party, coming up in June and did a set of Tangled inspired toppers that I will tweak a bit when the day comes a little closer.  She took one look at the braid topper and said, "its Tangled".  I guess that's how I knew I got it right :)

I also got the opportunity to work on a custom set of toppers, developed around the birthday boys favorite things.  The turned out so cute and got rave reviews!

My next undertaking included toppers for Easter, which were of precious little bunny behinds and chicks.  They turned out cute and were even better on top of a yummy carrot cake cupcake.

I was then asked by my lovely mom to make some cupcakes for her co-workers birthday....the night before she needed them :)  I came up with these super cute "glam" toppers that turned out cute, especially considering the time I had to work on them!

Most recently, I am working on more Angry Bird toppers for my friend Trish and even better, I have an excuse to take a trip to LA to deliver them.  I think a trip to the Sprinkles ATM is in store! I am also working on custom graduation toppers for my cousin Blaire (more like a sister, being that I am an only child) who graduates in June.  I will test my packing skills as they will make the flight up to Washington state as my carry on :)

Lastly, I got a text last night from my cousin Kilee who compared my Red Velvet cupcake to the Cheesecake Factory's Red Velvet Cheesecake!  What a compliment...come on CA pass the Cottage Food Law!!!

Until next time,

Lacey Cakes