Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tangled in FUN!!

Yesterday we celebrated our daughter's 3rd birthday!  Hard to believe she is 3 already! I have been working on this party for a few months now and I have to say, it is my best one yet.  The details all came together so amazingly and everyone had a really good time!  I always love seeing a vision come all together and love seeing it turn out the way it was envisioned.

We started the celebration the day of her birthday and wanted to share her birthday day cake first :)

I started with awesome, homemade invitation inspired by Paging Supermom and designed by Courson Graphics

 The party was held at the Camp Pendleton Arts and Crafts Hobby Shop and the kids got to pick out and paint their own ceramics.  We spent time eating, painting and enjoying the company and at the end of the party, we even got a special visit by Rapunzel herself!  The ladies at the Hobby Shop went above and beyond and really made the party effortless!

  I tried a backdrop for the first time and replicated the mural on Rapunzel's tower wall.  It turned out great and really pulled the entire table together.  I used some retaining wall bricks to set the custom cupcake/cake tower up higher and to also provide some height for the fruit and cheese and cracker trays.  I bought some easels at Michael's to label the foods and used some yellow lilies from our yard, along with some ferns to add a little floral to the table. We braided a long braid using yellow yarn to wind through the table and to also greet the guests as they entered the party room. I used a pennant stencil designed by Courson Graphics and cut out flags of purple felt as well as yellow bursting suns to make a Happy 3rd Birthday banner that hung above the table.

As for the food, we used some fruits and cheese, crackers and salami to stay with the theme as well as some adorable jello boats using blue Jello with a slice of orange and the town flag on a toothpick to act as the canoe Rapunzel and Flynn Rider used to view the floating lanterns.  I also tried out ice cream cone cupcakes for the first time and decorated the outside of the cone to look like Rapunzel's tower and piped some purple frosting to act as the roof.  I added some colored gumballs and some marshmallow pops with cake pop petals to make them look like flowers to the table.

For the main course we did simple turkey and cheese sandwiches from our local mom and pop sandwich shop that were amazing and perfecting put together by the shop!  If you are ever in the Southern California area, I strongly suggest trying out Hungry Bear Sub Shop in Escondido...AMAZING and a pound of meat on each sandwich!

My favorite part of the party was the cupcakes and cake.  I made the cupcake toppers, pulling inspiration from the movie.  There were 5 different toppers: Pascal inspired, cast iron skillet, braided hair, paint set and a bursting sun.  All the toppers topped off a Lemon Blueberry cupcake that was a new recipe for me and it was very yummy!  As for the cake, I decided to try the Ombre style, using 3 different colors to match the purple color scheme.  I topped the cake off with the Rapunzel inspired cake topper I had made with a small town square pennant behind her.  The cupcakes, as well as the cake were all placed on a custom cupcake/cake stand that I made with a tutu on the bottom tier and the center pillar looking like the tower with braided hair circling the tower.

For the favors, I purchased tiny cast iron skillets online from Ron's Home and Hardware and filled them with custom M&M's with my daughters photo on them.  I also purchased some simple, small purple bags from the Dollar Tree and cut out a bursting sun and glued them on the bag to look like the town flag.  I filled them with "Rapunzel's Paints", princess lip gloss, comb and mirror, Tangled towel, princess wand, princess book and Tangled gummies.  I hand made the party hats using a template I found at Oh Happy Day.  I cut them out of purple card stock and attached a yellow card stock bursting sun to go with the theme of the day.  I hand braided yellow yarn and attached it coming out of the top of the party hat to look like Rapunzel's hair!

Thank you again to all our amazing friends and family who shared the special day with us!  Hope you all enjoy the pics!

Until next time,
Lacey Cakes